springbok award

A Springbok scout has worked from the age of about 11 to 18 to get this award. Lots of time, effort, planning and leadership go into this award. The following people have obtained their Springbok awards. Well done to you all!



9th Cape Town

NameDate achievedAward
Broadbent, Peter 05/02/1968 Springbok
Clausen, Norman 03/07/1951 King
Collins, Bevan Michael 26/02/1990 Springbok
Collins, Jason David 09/05/1994 Springbok
Crooke, N A 01/01/1951 King
De Nobrega, Simon 05/05/1995 Springbok
Esterhuyse, Robert 17/02/1994 Springbok
Gild, Charles Henry 16/09/1958 Queen
Paulsen-Foster, Douglas 26/02/1973 Springbok
Robinson, David 11/10/1972 Springbok
Rossouw, Eugene 05/02/1968 Springbok
Scott, Ian Derek 05/05/1995 Springbok
Scott, Neil Alan 08/07/1994 Springbok


16th Cape Town

NameDate achievedAward
Sedyn, Patrick 15/10/1975 Springbok
Hermans, Andre 01/09/1976 Springbok
Nefdt, Leon 15/03/1977 Springbok


9th/16th Cape Town

NameDate achievedAward