Scout of the year (trophy)

Achieved the most as a scout.

Mike Eksteen Shield: Outstanding Scouting (trophy)

Someone who shows the true spirit of Scouting.

Most improved patrol leader (trophy)

Visible improvement in patrol leadership

1971   J. Geldenhuys; R. McLeod  
1972   G. Basile  
1973   Roy Trophy Patrol "A"  
1974   D. Pansegrauw  
1975   P. Sedyn  
1976   D. Pansegrauw  
1977   G. Balie  
1978   D. Nielon  
1979   J. Kerbler  
1980   J. Kerbler  
1981   A. Schelhase  
1982   J. Kerbler  
1986   M. Brauer A. Hansmann
1987     O. Steudler
1988 H. Schulz   O. Steudler
1993 M. Lompa    
1994 M. Lompa    
1995 R. Hauser M. Lompa  
1996 R. Hauser M. Lompa M. Lompa
2015 H. Cohn V. Savary-Jackson S. Haug
2016 V. Savary-Jackson S. Haug J. Cohn
2017 G. Charalambides V. Savary-Jackson H. Cohn
2018 V. Savary-Jackson C. Cohn H. Cohn

Mike Eksteen Shield